4 Flavour Routes

Welcome on our routes of flavours!

Tourists for a day, daring walkers, gastronomes and gourmets with alert taste buds – we invite you to explore our beautiful province a different way!

This region abounds in craftsmen waiting to immerse you in their art.
Did you know that our vineyards dream up wines of all varieties, still and sparkling, to make their French, German or Luxembourgian neighbours pale with envy?

Though Herve cheese is globally renowned, and even the subject of a PDO, it finds itself having to share tables with others of its fellow Liège cheeses, which are becoming more and more numerous and are very tasty, too...

Our innovative brewers create magnificent beers – brown, blond, fruity – the pride of our region.

We have no shortage of chocolatiers, either: they have been offering you the most exquisite combinations and sumptuous textures for a number of years – and they are also among the most enterprising...
We invite you to meet all these craftsmen, who make us proud!
Drop by, step into their stores, or even take part in their workshops!

Set out on a walk and see where our four flavour routes take you...

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