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A node is simply a crossroads identified by a number and a signpost. It guides your route by indicating the direction to follow. Before leaving on the Bicycle Nodes Network of Liège Province, identify the number of the starting node (the crossroads) and note the numbers to follow to complete your journey. You can also define an itinerary with a different arrival point than the departure point. The average distance between each node is 5 to 8 km. Calculate the kilometres to be covered and adapt your itinerary according to your wishes.


« Eastbelgium - Bike Touring Network Velotour »

Did you already notice the presence of several types of signs while biking around Eastbelgium? No worries!
Major signage work is currently underway on the "VéloTour" network. Among the 850 km of existing bike paths, some sections will be modified. Little by little, the new green and white signposts on the provincial network are replacing the former Vélotour ones (see illustration below). As a result, some numbers will also change.
Remember to check your route before you set off by way of the route planner or by contacting the Eastbelgian Tourism Agency under +32 (0)80/22.76.64.

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  • Wear a helmet and take sufficient water ;
  • Check the good condition of your bike before starting (tire pressure, mechanical functions, brakes, battery charging for electric bike, lighting and possibly puncture kit and pump...) ;
  • Be careful when crossing major roads ;
  • Please don't leave your waste behind! Pick it up, throw it in an outside bin or take it home for sorting ;
  • Stay on the trails, respect private property ;
  • Always keep to your right (especially at intersections) on the RAVeL paths and remind your children of this basic safety rule.