Anthisnes, Aywaille, Chaudfontaine, Comblain-au-Pont, Esneux, Ferrières, Hamoir, Ouffet, Sprimont, Stoumont, Trooz.

Snugly located between the valleys of the Ourthe and the Amblève, the Aywaille region unveils to you one of the most attractive tableaux of ArdenneNature, history, relaxation... There is something for all tastes in the Pays d’Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève!
  • Monde Sauvage d'Aywaille
  • Grottes de Remouchamps
  • Découvertes de Comblain
  • Le Château Fort de Logne

Just see for yourself:

  • Monde Sauvage d’Aywaille, a veritable African safari in Liège province. On a little train or by car, roam through African fauna in a natural setting.
  • The Remouchamps Caves, the world’s longest underground waterway, which will take you from cavern to cavern on foot on the way out, and by boat on the way back.
  • Comblain Discoveries invite you to spend an unforgettable time: Trips to remarkably protected sites, playful and interactive guided tours.
  • Domaine de Palogne, located in the hollow of the Ourthe valley. This outstanding site welcomes you amid a magical backdrop: at the confluence of the waters of the Ourthe and the Lembrée, beneath the walls of an authentic fortified castle, the Château fort de Logne
  • Characteristic villages such as Deigné, which comprises numerous stone houses, a church, and a square adorned with a magnificent fountain.
  • Vallée du Ninglinspo
  • Fonds de Quarreux

Explore two remarkable natural sites, listed parts of Wallonia’s Outstanding Heritage:

  • the dale of the Ninglinspo (Belgium’s only waterfall).
  • the Fonds de Quarreux (rounded quartzite rocks obstructing the bed of the Amblève).
  • Balade pédestre dans la région d'Aywaille
  • Balade sur le RAVeL le long de l'Ourthe

This region, which is perfect for walking, offers you numerous hikes:

  • 900 km of signposted paths enable jaunts through woods, in the heart of typical villages or along rivers.
  • 700 km of cycle trails: cycle tourism on little quiet, picturesque roads or all-terrain cycling on rocky terrains amid spectacular backdrops.
  • 150 km of horseriding itineraries in rural and wild surroundings.