Bikes, trains & landscapes

Catching a train is already going on a journey. Why not with a bike? Choose our ‘bikes, trains & landscapes’ formula!
A unique concept to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Liège Province hassle-free, combining train and bike. These trips over a longer distance will give you even more pleasure and discoveries!

Following a number of floods in the Province of Liège, we are currently unable to ensure the correct markings for the points-nœuds network for an indefinite period. During future outings, please make sure to always bring a paper map with you (available from tourist offices or can be downloaded from our website) or install the ‘Fietsknoop’ app on your mobile phone. Thank you for understanding. 
16-07-21: You are also advised to cancel your outing along the Ourthe, the Amblève, the Vesdre and the Meuse rivers for at least one week.
The most heavily impacted municipalities are: 

- Aywaille and Remouchamps;
- all of the villages along the Ourthe, between Hamoir and Liège;
- the towns and villages along the Meuse, between Liège and Maastricht;
- the city of Eupen and its dam; 
- Dolhain;
- Jalhay;
- Vaux-sous-Chèvremont.

As the SNCB and Infrabel have also been heavily impacted, the ‘Bikes, Trains & Landscapes’ walks on Line 38 and the Ourthe Valley are unavailable for an indefinite period of time.
Stay up-to-date via the various media to learn about any developments in the situation.