Confrérie du Bon métier des Brasseurs

The celebration of the Millennium of the Principality of Liège in 1980 provided the occasion for the birth of the gastronomic brotherhood of the Good Profession of Brewers, in order to ensure the continuity of the “32 good trades of the city of Liège”. The collective does not promote any one beer in particular, but the serving of beer: the test undergone by the inducted therefore consists of working the pump, in front of the best pump-worker of the year before, to obtain a glass of “Jupiler” perfectly poured according to the tricks of the trade.

Les Compagnons de la Cervoise d’Anthisnes

The village of Anthisnes is known for its 12th-century dungeon, which houses the Musée de la Bière et du Pèkèt de l’Avouerie. It was there, in 1983, that a group of young Anthisnes residents revived the savoir-faire of a quality beer. And it is this past and this tradition that are defended by Les Compagnons de la Cervoise d’Anthisnes, whose Latin motto says it all: “Unus Papa Romae, Una Cerevisia Antinae” (“One sole pope in Rome, one sole beer in Anthisnes”).

The “Discipes Da Charlemagne”

The “Discipes Da Charlemagne” get their Walloon name from the dispute that has always pitted its locality of Jupille against that of Herstal when it comes to the Emperor’s birthplace. But it was in 1944 that the gastronomic brotherhood was set up, in order to promote the local beer, “Piedboeuf”. Since that time, the “Discipes” have always stayed true to their motto, “Have fun in order to give pleasure to others”, by donating to numerous regional associations, among other charitable acts.

L’Ordre de Saint-Antoine de Blehen

In January, numerous localities pay tribute to Saint Antoine the Hermit, also called “Saint Antoine with the pig”. In Blehen, where a sanctuary that he shares with Saint Peter is consecrated to him, the “monks” meet in front of the church every Sunday after the 17 January in order to auction off halves of pigs’ heads. 
The gastronomic brotherhood’s beer, “La Cuvée de Saint-Antoine”, is made in the village, at the Flo brewery.


1969 saw the creation of the Tchantchès gastronomic brotherhood, in order to promote Liège folklore and gastronomy. Its special feature are its living “marionettes”, which include that of Tchantchès and his wife Nanesse, the two main characters in the puppet theatre of Liège. The gastronomic brotherhood defends three products: its two beers and “bouquette”, a buckwheat crêpe that is eaten with white sugar, brown sugar or Liège syrup.