Confrérie du Roux

The gastronomic brotherhood of Roux d’Ayeneux (Soumagne) has been a defender, since 1991, of local sheep’s cheeses, the most famous of which, the “Roux des Carmes”, is used in the preparation of a special tartiflette, the “tartirouflette”.
The gastronomic brotherhood loves to sample and share these cheeses with a glass of Bourgogne-Côte Chalonnaise from its twin village of Mellecey. For a number of years, it has been re-investing its earnings in promotions or associations who battle against illness or handicap.

Seigneurie du Remoudou

The Remoudou seigneury was created in August 1960, in Battice (Herve), on the basis of the fact that, in 1512, a local lord had entered the secular recipe of Herve cheese in the register of Haut ban de Herve.
The aim of the gastronomic brotherhood, which organises its annual chapter in August, is to bring the product’s gastronomic abundance back to light and appeal to catering professionals by combining it with a folkloric aspect.

Confrérie des “Magnêus d’Makêye”

The neighbouring villagers of La Gleize (Stoumont) nicknamed this gastronomic brotherhood “Magnêus d’makêye” (eaters of maquée cheese). We note at this point that in difficult times, the “Gléh’tès” preferred to sell their butter in town and “butter” their tartines with maquée cheese.
Thanks to the gastronomic brotherhood of the Magnêus d’Makêye, set up in 1965, the product has been brought back to life. It is celebrated on 1 April, during the chapter’s celebration and the banquet of the gastronomic brotherhood, which takes this opportunity to induct new members.