Confrérie des Vignerons du Petit Bourgogne de Sclessin

The gastronomic brotherhood of the winegrowers of Petit Bourgogne, founded in 1973 in order to boost winegrowing, has had a presence on the slopes of the Meuse since 1992. The Sclessin winegrowers have long been producing a red wine that is enjoyed by French armies: “Le Petit Bourgogne” from Sclessin. Today, in a fair swap, the Sclessin winegrowers sample and share a wine that comes from Bourgogne, during the Fêtes de Wallonie and the chapter’s celebration, in September.

Confrérie des Cuveliers de Cîteaux et Serranius

In the 12th century, monks of the order of Cîteaux from Bourgogne founded Val Saint-Lambert abbey in Seraing (Serranius in Latin). Until their expulsion in the 18th century, they produced wine intended for the liturgy (and probably for their own consumption too). The objective of La Confrérie de Cîteaux et Serranius is to recreate and “delight the taste buds and hearts of those who are lucky enough to sample it” during the Fêtes de Wallonie and the chapter’s celebration, on Ascension Thursday.

Confrérie du Vin du Perron

Set up in 1971, the gastronomic brotherhood of Perron wine (Wanze) wished to revive the memory of the vines of the “Stattis” slopes and of the winegrowers of yesteryear, stimulate vine re-plantation, rejuvenate the image of the ancient Perron, take part in the renaissance of local folklore, and maintain friendly links with the various associations in Huy. Today, not only do people talk about wine from Huy, they drink it, too... “well chilled, with moderation”!