Clermont-sur-Berwinne, One of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia...

  • Clermont sur berwinne

Surrounded by enclosed expanses of pastureland, the village stands at the summit of a promontory which dominates the church. The use of brick for the walls, slate for the saddleback roofs and stone for the frameworks of the windows and the right-angle quoins characterise the architecture of the whole village.
To break up the simplicity of the buildings, decorative research has been applied to the slates. Windvanes dominate the roofs and bear witness to an art of ironwork brilliantly executed.

Worth of seeing:
• St-Jacques-le-Majeur church (17th-century) and its cemetery,
• Place de la Halle
• The Old Town Hall (1888), which goes over the main road, is today used as a registry office, so that one can say in Clermont "we marry in the street"
• Stop on the pilgrim route to St James of Compostella, on the Via Mosana
• Crawhez Castel
• Clermont Castle
• Ste-Anne chapel
• Remember Museum 39-45

  • Touring languages :
    • French
Directions to :
Place de la Halle
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 50.6598
Longitude : 5.88332
Place de la Halle
  • Languages spoken :
    • French