What would you say to being charmed by Liégeois culture? Through its numerous iconic cultural sites, Liège enjoys international reach and, every year, attracts numerous tourists who are captivated by its cultural range.

Liège, first of all, is an abundant and varied museum-based offer

The Museum of Walloon Life is the most diverse museum of ethnology in Wallonia and offers an original look at Wallonia from the 19th century to the present day.

Le Grand Curtius, an international-standard museum complex, brings together numerous collections. This museum approaches 7,000 years of art and history of the Pays de Liège represented by 5,200 objects presented chronologically and thematically.

Established in the superb Parc de la Boverie, the museum of the same name is home to several permanent collections of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège and also offers several temporary exhibitions that are as exciting as they are diverse.

At the Aquarium-Muséum de Liège, you will wander from room to room among the museum’s 2,500 species, including numerous fish, invertebrates and reptiles.

Liège is also one of the most abundant offers in terms of shows

Make your way to the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, where the architecture, modern and original at once, is sure to captivate you. Equipped with a thrust stage and some of the world’s most high-performing stage machinery, this major seat of Liège culture offers true opera masterpieces.

Music-lovers will be charmed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège. The only symphonic formation in Francophone Belgium, this exceptional building is equipped with a fantastic philharmonic auditorium.

The Théâtre de Liège, for its part, will appeal to the drama enthusiasts among you. Fully renovated and housed in the prestigious Emulation building, this resolutely modern theatre offers a large number of shows. 

The ardent City also has something to offer on the local clubs and culture side

Mirror City, a place of education, debate and culture at the service of citizenship, offers several activities within the walls of the former la Sauvenière baths, a symbolic building.

Liège welcomes audiences of all ages, especially the youngest

The Cadran, a cultural and musical space, offers numerous musical evenings, while the Reflektor concert hall, which opened its doors two years ago, organises numerous concerts and shows.

Exhibition spaces, activities, cinema screens, organised events or shows... Liège province is sure to captivate culture-lovers!