Destination Heart of Europe

Want to get away for a day or go on holiday for a few days? Don’t delay – set out to explore the Heart of Europe!

An ideally located destination

This destination, ideally located on the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, offers you a multiple and diverse range.

The Heart of Europe is made up of four neighbouring regions: the Belgian provinces of Liège and Limbourg, the Aachen region in Germany and Southern Limbourg in the Netherlands.

Covering just a few kilometres, you will move from one of these regions to the next and explore different architectures, cultures, languages or landscapes.

A broad diversity of tourist offers

For a day or more, treat yourself to an unforgettable cross-border experience. Don’t miss the numerous tourist offers, such as museums, tourist attractions, shopping centres, walks, thermal baths, nature reserves or regional producers.

So many possibilities for exploring the best that the Heart of Europe has to offer!