Destination Liège province

Looking for a change of scene and a warm welcome? Want to enjoy good times among friends or as a family? If so, Liège Province is made for you! Explore our region, its main cities such as Liège, Huy and Spa, or its numerous tourist attractions.

Visit Liège province and admire its cultural heritage:

Explore its natural sites, which will move you:

  • Three natural parks including that of the High Fens, Belgium’s biggest and oldest
  • The Remouchamps Caves, the world’s longest subterranean waterway
  • Several lakes set up for relaxation and fun
  • The Ninglinspo, Belgium’s only waterfall
  • A river network undergoing constant development
  • Countless viewpoints to take the breath away

Enjoy a wide range of activities and leisure pursuits:

Enjoy exceptional infrastructures:

Explore our 7 tourist regions and their outstanding landscapes: