The Fortified Position of Liège 1914-18 and 1940-45

Twice in a quarter of a century the province of Liège had the tragic misfortune of being on the front line of major clashes that involved Belgium – and, beyond that, the whole of Western Europe and even some other parts of the world – in a disastrous and furious war.
The imposing Fortified Position of Liège rises in the centre of the territory. Its 12, and later 16, forts ardently and decisively slowed the advance of enemies in 1914 and, later, 1940.
Today, four of these historic sites are closed to the public, but stirring and intrepid histories await you in the twists and turns of the underground sections of the other twelve, which are always open for your enjoyment. Guides will bring the moving day-to-day lives of the soldiers to life, as well as their most significant battles, through the museums of the Fortified Position of Liège (PFL) and their unique collections.
It may even bring a tear to your eye... one of laughter or compassion.