Guided tour of Château d'Aigremont

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Aigremont18ème©Office du Tourisme de FlémalleChâteau d'Aigremont- (56)Château d'Aigremont- (14)Ch.Aigremont.Visite18ème © OT Flémalle

The origin of the Aigremont site goes back a long way and, even today, is the home of many legends. Aigremont, then a real fortress, used to be Liège church In 1715, the canon Mathias Clercx acquired the lordship which he enriched with the construction of a château designed as a summer residence. It is a remarkable example of Liège architecture from the beginning of the 18th century which the Flémalle Tourist Information Office invites you to explore.


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Sunday 23 August 2020

14:00 to 15:30

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Rue du Château d'Aigremont
Château d'Aigremont