Guided tour of Château d'Aigremont

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Aigremont18ème©Office du Tourisme de FlémalleChâteau d'Aigremont- (56)Château d'Aigremont- (14)Ch.Aigremont.Visite18ème © OT Flémalle

The origin of the Aigremont site goes back a long way and, even today, is the home of many legends. Aigremont, then a real fortress, used to be Liège church In 1715, the canon Mathias Clercx acquired the lordship which he enriched with the construction of a château designed as a summer residence. It is a remarkable example of Liège architecture from the beginning of the 18th century which the Flémalle Tourist Information Office invites you to explore.

Opening day(s)

From Sunday 29 August to Sunday 03 October 2021

Every day

14:00 to 15:30

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    • Strolling and hiking
    • Guided visit
    • Recreational activities
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Child rate5.00€
Tarif senior5.00€
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Château d'Aigremont