The Province of Liège will charm you with its rich architectural heritage, castles, abbeys, as well as its mining heritage represented by Blegny-Mine!
  • Prince-Bishops’ Palace in Liège
  • Saint-Paul Cathedral
  • St-Barthélemy Church - Liège

Tour a number of outstanding, history-steeped sites

The Prince-Bishops’ Palace in Liège, Saint-Paul Cathedral, St-Barthélemy Church and its famous baptismal fonts... so many sites shaped by history and that you can admire when passing through the Ardent City.
  • Castle of Jehay
  • Castle of Modave
  • Castle of Harzé
  • Castle of Reinhardstein

Set out to besiege fortified castles in Liège province

Who has not dreamed of playing bachelor knights, running through mazes, or sharing a huge banquet in a majestic hall? Find this medieval atmosphere by exploring the castles of Jehay, Modave, Harzé or Reinhardstein!
  • Stavelot Abbey
  • Museum of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit
  • The Musée historique de la Principauté de Stavelot-Malmedy
  • Musée Guillaume Apollinaire
  • Abbaye de Val Dieu

Explore abbeys that abound in charm

The only 5-sun site in Liège province, Stavelot Abbey welcomes you in a superb setting. This ancient, recently renovated monastic foundation contains no fewer than three museums, whose themes are as varied as they are exciting (the Museum of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, the Musée historique de la Principauté de Stavelot-Malmedy and Musée Guillaume Apollinaire).

If you prefer cuisine to museums, you’ll opt for the Abbaye de Val Dieu! This haven of peace located in the Pays de Herve is a Cistercian abbey that offers tours of its brewery. You will also be able to sample beers and cheeses produced there on site.
  • Blegny-Mine
  • Blegny-Mine - Visit
  • Blegny-Mine

Descend into the bowels of the earth at Blegny-Mine

Descend into the depths of the mine to discover the process of coal extraction. Visit Blegny-Mine (a Unesco World Heritage site), belonging to one of the 4 last collieries that are open to visitors in Europe, is made via a descent in a cage to – 30 and – 60 metres underground... a unique experience that’s not to be missed!
  • Fort Loncin
  • Fort Lantin
  • Fort Boncelles - La Tour d'Air
  • Fort Loncin
  • Fort Flémalle

Do you know the history of the fortified position of Liège?

Established at the end of the 19th century, the fortified belt around Liège is made up of twelve forts. Renowned for their heroic resistance during the battle of Liège, these forts still exist today and, for the most part, are open to visitors.