The Province of Liège will charm you with its rich architectural heritage, castles, abbeys, as well as its mining heritage represented by Blegny-Mine!
  • Prince-Bishops’ Palace in Liège
  • Saint-Paul Cathedral
  • St-Barthélemy Church - Liège

Throughout history 

The Prince-Bishops’ Palace in Liège, Saint-Paul Cathedral, St-Barthélemy Church and its famous baptismal fonts... so many sites shaped by history and that you can admire when passing through the Ardent City.
  • Castle of Jehay
  • Castle of Modave
  • Castle of Harzé
  • Castle of Reinhardstein
  • Château féodal de Moha
  • Feudal castle of Logne

Live like in a castle

Did you know that the province of Liège is dotted with several dozens of castles? Our region has one of Europe’s highest density of them. From medieval fortresses to more contemporary residences and Renaissance figures, these remarkable heritage buildings offer you a journey through the centuries.

There are the castles of JehayModaveHarzé or Reinhardstein presented to you in impeccable condition. They have been well preserved or stunningly restored to their yesteryear splendour. Other fortified castles, among which the feudal castles of Moha and Logne are retrospective remains with an exciting millennial past.
  • Feudal castle of Logne
  • Feudal castle museum of Logne
  • Milling and Bakery Museum
  • Falconry show
  • Kayak

Combine history, adventure and nature

In a remote location, the Domain of Palogne offers both peace and quiet with a great number of leisure activities on top.

You can visit this former stronghold of the prince abbots of Stavelot, as well as its museum. So does the Milling and Bakery Museum that tells you the wonderful story of bread. With your family, you can also attend an impressive falconry show where you will be admiring eagles, buzzards, falcons and owls up close. Participate in a treasure hunt and immerse yourself in the legend of the Golden Goat. For the more athletic, there are  leisure activities galore and nature sports such as kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and miniature golf. A playground and a multi-sports field round off the leisure facilities.
  • Stavelot Abbey
  • Museum of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit
  • The Musée historique de la Principauté de Stavelot-Malmedy
  • Musée Guillaume Apollinaire
  • Abbaye de Val Dieu

Our enchanting abbeys 

Stavelot Abbey is the only tourist site in the province of Liège to be awarded 5 suns and welcomes you in a magnificent setting. This recently renovated monastic foundation includes three museums on distinct and exciting themes (the Museum of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, the Musée historique de la Principauté de Stavelot-Malmedy and Musée Guillaume Apollinaire). 

If you are fond of gastronomy, the Abbey of Val-Dieu is the place to be to enjoy a delicious meal. This heaven of peace in the Herve region was founded by Cistercian monks. It also offers the tour of its brewery. Take a seat within ancient walls and enjoy delicious beers brewed and cheeses produced on site.
  • Blegny-Mine
  • Blegny-Mine - Visit
  • Blegny-Mine

Journeys into the heart of the Earth

Climb down the Blegny-Mine with the pit cage to -30 and -60 metres underground to discover the processes of coal winning. The mine - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is one of the last four collieries of Europe that still welcome visitors... This unique experience is not to be missed!
  • Fort Loncin
  • Fort Lantin
  • Fort Loncin
  • Fort Flémalle

The fortified position of Liège

Established at the end of the 19th century, the fortified belt around Liège is made up of twelve forts. Renowned for their heroic resistance during the battle of Liège, these forts still exist today and, for the most part, are open to visitors.

The belt of fortifications built around Liège towards the end of the 19th century consisted of 12 and later 16 forts that slowed down the advance of German troops considerably in 1914 and 1940. These forts, recognised for their heroic resistance, still exist today and most of them are also open to visitors.