Pays de Herve

Aubel, Blegny, Dalhem, Fléron, Herve, Olne, Pepinster, Plombières, Thimister-Clermont, Visé and Welkenraedt.

This territory stands out through its high diversity of landscapes with the bucolic Pays de Herve on the one hand and the lush region of Visé, located at the edge of the Meuse, on the other.

  • Vue extérieure de Blegny-Mine
  • Vue intérieure de Blegny-Mine
  • Dans les vergers de Mortier
  • Pays de Herve
  • Fromage de Herve
  • Village d'Olne
  • Village de Soiron
  • Village de Clermont sur Berwinne

Explore some unmissable features of the Pays de Herve:

  • Blegny-Mine mining site, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tourist attraction is one of the four authentic coal mines that can still be toured in Europe. Descend into the bowels of the earth in exploration of this outstanding site.
  • Hilly groves, flowery orchards or isolated farms that testify to the region’s rural and picturesque character.
  • Gastronomic products that will delight gourmets, including the famous Herve cheese.
  • Its outstanding heritage symbolised by 3 villages that have received the “Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia” accolade:
    - Clermont-sur-Berwinne
    - Soiron
    - Olne
  • Collégiale Saint-Hadelin
  • Visé, la Cité de l'Oie
  • Les bords d'eau près de Visé
  • Montagne Saint-Pierre
  • Tour d'Eben-Ezer

Visit the region of Visé located halfway between Liège and Maastricht:

  • The impressive Saint-Hadelin collegiate church.
  • The superb collection of crossbowmen and harquebusiers.
  • The hunting tradition.
  • The traditional recipe based on goose, the town's emblematic animal which has given it its nickname: the “City of the Goose”.
  • Very pleasant riverbanks, particularly busy in the summer when the weather is fine for relaxation and a drink on the terrace in an idyllic setting.
  • Outstanding nature with an exciting history which will tempt you out for a stroll. Its symbol is Saint-Pierre Mountain.