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Vue extérieure du bâtiment © HexapodaVue générale d'une partie du musée © HexapodaModule du musée © HexapodaJardin entomologique (2ème partie) © HexapodaCétoine en élevage © HexapodaGrillon en élevage © HexapodaJardin entomologique (1ère partie) © HexapodaPhasme en élevage © www.lucnix.be Luc Viatour

The insectarium's mascotte "Toine" shows visitors around along an educational trail. You will learn everything there is to know about hexapods (six-legged insects), how they adapt to their environment, how some of them organise themselves to live in a group, how they communicate and so on. Everything is presented in a very educational and easy way. For those who want to have more in-depth information, scientific explanations complete the texts. Other rooms are also worth the visit such as the one dedicated to house insects (clothes moths, flour beetles...), the one dedicated to water insects or the room dedicated to entomophagy. Numerous living insects (phasmids, grasshoppers, mantis, stag beetles, bugs, ladybirds...) await you behind the glass of their terrariums or aquariums. Discover the secrets of social insects thanks to the anthill and the beehive. Your visit continues outside in the entomological garden and the insect greenhouse. The perfect occasion - if the weather is fine - to discover local hexapods in their natural environment. If you still feel like it you can go visit the 7ha nature site, which is crossed by 3 km of paths with observation stops and explanatory sings.

Hexapoda - Insectarium Jean Leclercq

The only insectarium in Wallonia, Hexapoda offers around a hundred educational and playful modules that take you on an exploration of the fascinating world of insects: diversity, roles in nature, adaptations, modes of communications, interactions with humans... Around sixty living tropical and Belgian insects, including bees in a glass hive, ants and termites, illustrate and complement the exhibition’s theoretical aspects. Visitors young and old will marvel at their colours, shapes and behaviour. The tour continues outside with a 2.500 m2 flower garden that is specially designed to attract a host of insects, a greenhouse, and a 17-hectare site laid out in ecological paths.

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