Le Presbytère

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Le Presbytère Aux Granges 1Le Presbyt+¿re Ext+®rieur1Le Presbytère Aux Granges3Le Presbytère S+®minaireLe Presbytère Aux Fontaines ©Serge Brison-Olivier FourneauLe Presbytère Aux Fontaines2Le Presbytère Aux ForgesLe Presbytère Aux HouxLe Presbytère Aux Houx6

Resolutely contemporary, the Le Presbytère lodging provides maximum comfort while preserving the soul and dimensions of the building and the peacefulness that prevails in a place of this kind. Indeed, backing onto the church, this designer, welcoming space was once the presbytery of Clermont-sous-Huy. The whole building has undergone a splendid renovation that is particularly respectful of our environment. This means that the toilets and the washing machine are fed by a well, while the building is perfectly thermally insulated. In addition, double-flow ventilation ensures constant renewal of air and the recovery of warmth so that it is not uselessly dispersed into the atmosphere. Finally, a vegetable garden has been laid out in the greenhouse.

Information from the holiday lodge
  • Restrictions :
    • Non-smoking
FaresDates Min Max
Week-end - Basse Saison80.00€
Contact details of the owner
Phone : +3242751810
Accommodation address
Le Presbytère
Contact details of the owner
88 Aux Houx
  • Languages spoken :
    • French