Liège and Hasselt - Honet (2016)

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Since 2016, Liège and Hasselt have been united by two of Honet's works that echo each other, one in each city. The link between the two cities is, however, much older: Hasselt was part of the Principality of Liège, founded in 980, and of which Liège was the capital.

It's a story that goes back to the Middle Ages. Therefore, it is not surprising to find these knights in armour. Where Honet's work invites us to smile is through the attributes that he gives the knights: there, we find a knight with the coat of arms of Liège, of course, but also one with a jester's hat adorned with a leek and another evoking death with an executioner's hood and whose coat of arms represents a fake. Ultimately, it is unknown whether the knights are fleeing from the huge, cut-off head of a snake or the “knight-executioner.” Lastly, the sword is covered in many letters. Although it bears the mention of LG, a clear reference to Liege, and the year 2016 written in Roman numerals, most of the letters are references to Honet.

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