Macarons au chocolat

  • Macarons au chocolat
  • Macarons au chocolat
  • Macarons au chocolat
Macarons au chocolatMacarons au chocolatMacarons au chocolat

For 25 to 30 macaroons :

◾125 grams granulated almonds

◾4 egg whites

◾250 grams melting chocolate

◾70 grams white sugar

◾180 grams icing sugar

◾2 heaped teaspoons cocoa powder (non-sweetened)

◾20 grams unsalted butter

◾15 cl runny crème fraiche

Opening day(s)

Macaroons :

◾Stiffen the egg whites and blend them into the white sugar and cocoa powder while trying to keep the whites as intact as possible.

◾Then add the icing sugar and granulated almonds.

◾Allow your smooth mixture to set for about 15 minutes.

◾Preheat your oven to 160° C.

◾Cover your baking tray with a sheet of greaseproof paper.

◾Using a piping bag, place dabs of paste on it, taking care to keep them widely enough apart.

◾Bake for about fifteen minutes in the middle of the oven and gently remove them when they are thoroughly cooled!


◾On the hob, melt the chocolate and butter while adding the crème fraiche.

◾Take care not to burn and watch for a thoroughly smooth mixture.

◾Your ganache is now ready: you simply need to let it cool...


◾Stick the macaroons together two by two using the ganache and serve...


NB: For greater ease and the chance to have identical macaroons, macaroon moulds (often in silicone) are available in cooking utensil stores...

  • Level of difficulty :
    • Easy
  • Nombre de personnes :
    • Number of people 6
  • Temps de préparation :
    • Preparation time 0:45
    • Cooking time 0:15