Musée du Fort d'Aubin - Neufchâteau

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"Military and Red-Cross paraphernalia of the two World Wars. The visible part of the Fort of Aubin-Neufchâteau is a triangular shaped bushy hill. Each side measures about 300 meters. The central formation is fitted out with a combat block at each corner. The North and South-East corners each have a tower block. The South-West corner, as well as the entrance of the structure, have an infantry block. At the core of the configuration, a mortar block with three portholes assures the defense against close attack. The central formation is surrounded by a dry ditch of some 12-15 meters wide and by a counterscarp wall of some 4-6 meters high. Ditch 1-3 is buffeted by a simple coffer equipped with a 47 canon, a Maxim machine-gun, a 30 cm projector and an automatic rifle. Ditches 2-1 and 2-3 are protected by a double coffer equipped with two 47 canons, two Maxim machine-guns, two 30 cm projectors and two automatic rifles for the defense of the block. In the middle of the steep slope 3-1 is the foul air evacuation block. Midway up is a small security foul air evacuation block. Facing the entrance, above the counterscarp wall, the block is equipped with two cupolas for a 47 canon and a cupola with two portholes for a 30 cm projector."
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4 Rue Colonel Dardenne
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