Other events

Liège province and, more particularly, the city of Liège abounds in events that are worth a detour. Here's a glimpse of the leading events you just have to take part in at least once in your life!

The unmissable Foire de Liège, more than one km of guaranteed thrills and amusements

For more than one month, all fans of attractions, carousels and candy floss will be bowled over! The Foire de Liège takes place for 5 weeks along Boulevard d'Avroy.

With more than 180 attractions, from the most traditional to the most modern, along with its numerous food booths offering the famous lacquemants, potato chips and toffee apples, the Foire d'octobre in Liège will be sure to thrill the whole family.

Liège lights up and welcomes a big crowd for the Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle

Want to see Liège lit up? Then don’t miss the first Saturday in October and the traditional Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle.

For a number of years this event has continued to grow in scale and has even become international. On this evening, the Ardent City, which has never earned its name so well, flares up in a thousand candles and unveils an exceptional side. The streets, lanes, courtyards, terraces and steps, including the famous public stairway Montagne de Bueren, are illuminated for a few hours.

Walk around in this very special atmosphere, enjoy walks you’ve never seen before and let yourself be guided by the sounds of the musical events in order to explore Liège and its Citadel a different way.

The festivities of 15 August, the liveliest and most folkloric event in Liège

Organised in the quarter of Outremeuse, known for its famous writer Georges Simenon, the fêtes du 15 août bring Liège residents together for several days of merriment.

For almost a week, dozens of activities are organised: concerts, games, fairs, flea markets, but above all, religious services and folkloric processions.

The day of 15 August forms the heart of the celebration with the procession of the Black Virgin of Outremeuse followed by a religious service and a sermon in Walloon. The big folkloric parade of the Géants d'Outremeuse is another key moment of this so very important day for the Liégeois.

On this occasion, Tchantchès and Nanesse are celebrated, as is also the case with the other giants, which are fully a part of Liège folklore.

Tradition has it that these festivities end on 16 August at 5 p.m. with the burial of Matî l'Ohê.

The Province of Liège celebrates Wallonia in September

The four corners of Liège province celebrate Wallonia by setting up numerous activities, events and concerts.

It is, of course, the city of Liège that wins the prize for the largest number of organised events, with several free concerts, on Place Saint-Lambert and Place Saint-Etienne, as well as a village of Confraternities hosting around twenty gastronomic Confraternities for these three days.

Tourist sites also pay homage to Wallonia, which is particularly the case of the Museum of Walloon Life which regularly organises various shows or craft demonstrations in the context of this festive weekend.  

Les Epicuriales in Liège, the rendez-vous of all gourmets and enthusiasts of cuisine

For around ten years, the Epicuriales have been eagerly awaited by all Liège residents. They rush to this event called the biggest open-air restaurant.

The idea is simple: to offer visiting gastronomes a gourmet moment during which they can appreciate gastronomic dishes in the superb setting of the Parc de la Boverie.

Gentle music, events, duels between renowned chefs or tastings will set your mouth watering and make you want to come back next year!