Palais des princes-évêques

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  • Liège-Palais des princes évêques
  • Palais des Princes-Evêques
  • Palais des princes évêques
  • Cour du Palais 1
Liège-Palais des princes évêquesPalais des Princes-EvêquesPalais des princes évêquesCour du Palais 1

On the Place Saint-Lambert, in the city centre, the Prince-Bishops' Palace is one of the iconic buildings of Liege One part currently houses the provincial government, while the court is located in the other half. The current Prince-Bishops' Palace was preceded by two constructions. The first one was built during the episcopate of Notger and disappeared during 1185. The second construction suffered the same fate in 1505. Most of the splendour and originality of the actual palace is owed to Erard de la Marck. The first courtyard solely of is open to visitors.

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