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The Paul Gérardy Museum is currently located on the 3rd floor of the Maison de la Culture, along with 2 other museums: Musée de la vie locale and Musée Vie et Evolution.

It relates the life and work of the poet Paul Gérardy based on books, photos and press articles. 

Paul Gérardy was born between Vielsalm and Sankt-Vith on 15 February 1870 and died in Brussels on 1 June 1933. He left well known literary works notably such as "Feuilles pour l'art", "Roseaux", "Les Carnets du Roi", "Le Grand Roi Patacake". 

This poet is resolutely turned towards French culture through his education and literary contacts, but he also remains close to German culture. This tension manifests itself in his work, where we see Gérardy torn between his taste as a Verlaine symbolist poet and a caustic spirit that is released in biting pamphlets.

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