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Laser Game

The laser game doesn't need any special equipment, each player is equipped with a laser pistol, and it's best to come in trainers, dressed in dark clothing in order to keep you and your movements concealed in our Space Wars area!

Laser Game is suitable for everyone from 7-77 years old. Good coordination will boost victory for the team.

At the Popy Aventures laser game, various game options are available. You can make up several teams or play individually (each for him/herself) or carry out one of the missions proposed by the instructor. If you chose to play in teams, there should be classification by team and by player.

Black Light Minigolf 

Black Light minigolf or miniature golf is a miniature version of golf. Like golf, minigolf is a precision sport played in an indoor complex under black light, which consists of hitting a ball into a hole using a putter. Unlike golf, minigolf is played over a much shorter course, each hole measuring approximately one metre wide and 3-10 metres long with obstacles.

Opening day(s)

Outside school holidays<br>Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 14:00-19:00

During school holidays and public holidays<br>Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday<br>Wednesday 14:00-19:00<br>Friday-Sunday 14:00-19:00

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