Rallye touristique à Limbourg

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Rallye touristiqueBilstain_©Patrick Outers Black Box Photo (16)Goé_©Black Box Photo Patrick Outers (4)IMG_0785

Great tourist rally 2020-2021! Travel through the 4 villages (Goé, Hèvremont, Bilstain and Limbourg) of the municipality of Limbourg in search of the answers to this tourist rally. But beware... the answers can only be found on foot or by bike! Ready to take up this challenge? 74 questions of all kinds (history, heritage, nature, tourism, observation, etc.) await the most resourceful among you. No worries about timing, you have the 2020 and 2021 tourist season to do it (closing party in October 2021). Have fun ! For the moment: questionnaire only in French

Opening day(s)

From Saturday 20 June to Thursday 31 December 2020

Every day

les week-ends et jours fériés de 13h à 18h

  • Category :
    • Strolling and hiking
    • Rally
    • Themed route
Adult rate5.00€

1 euro/ questionnaire (plus plan)

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