Salade frisée liégeoise aux lardons

  • Salade-frisee-liegeoise-aux-lardons
  • Oignons
  • Lardons
  • Noix
  • Salade-noix

•One red leaf lettuce

•One frisée lettuce

•200gr smoked lard

•75gr walnuts

•Balsamic vinegar



•Salt and pepper

Opening day(s)

Wash and drain the lettuces.

Cut the lard into little pieces.

Fry the lard pieces in melted butter until transparent.

Place the salad in a pre-warmed salad bowl and pour the lard and its jus over it.

Add the crushed walnuts and the very finely chopped onions.

Season with salt and pepper.

Deglaze the pan with a little vinegar and pour the sauce over the whole.

Toss and serve.

NB: This simultaneously simple and tasty dish can also be served as a starter on individual plates, accompanied by a little bread or some croutons...

Enjoy your meal!

  • Level of difficulty :
    • Easy
  • Nombre de personnes :
    • Number of people 4
  • Temps de préparation :
    • Preparation time 0:20
    • Cooking time 0:10