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The black line drawing on a white background is characteristic of Noir Artiste's work. Again, this work testifies to all the thoroughness and precision, almost surgical, that he applies to his works. The composition represents a kind of chimaera, a strange mixture between a fish, a bird, and a feline, which seems to desperately pursue time that inevitably runs away. This creature, a veritable metamorphosis of several animals, was created in 2016 as part of the Metamorphosis festival. As its name indicates, this festival was intended to highlight the transformations of several places in the region of Liège. In Liege, it was the opportunity to draw attention to the opening of the Musée La Boverie and the inauguration of the La Belle-Liège footbridge, which are located on either side of this curious chimaera.

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Parc de la Boverie
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