Sites, monuments and unusual viewpoints in Liège province

Want to have unprecedented, unusual experiences that will leave an impression on you? Allow our suggestions to guide you.
Start by letting yourself be surprised by some little-known monuments and sites. Do you know the Noufy Stone, Verviers cemetery or the Schöffer Tower? You don’t? These are undeniably worth the detour, though, and all have a point in common: they are unusual!
Next, take in a stunning view as you contemplate a number of Liège province’s outstanding sites, such as the original tower of Eben-Ezer, the impressive mountain of Bueren or the impressive Coo waterfall.
Finally, if the mere sight of these sites is not enough for you, what would you say to combining visual pleasure with the joys of walking? This is the ideal opportunity to admire superb landscapes and viewpoints, including the Ninglinspo dale, the Fonds de Quarreux or the loop of the river Ourthe and the Site of the Three Borders.