Stroll of the Three Borders

⚠ Works on Line 38 ⚠
Since Monday 31 August and until 25 December 2020, works have been taking place on a section of Line 38, between Aubel and Hombourg.
This cycle tour is therefore temporarily not practicable.

This family bike ride forms an idyllic loop through the bocages, often away from any traffic. It takes you from Aubel to Plombières and Henri-Chapelle in the Three Borders region and the valley. There is lots to see along the way: traditional farms, former railway stations, amazing views, the Plombières mine, the Moresnet viaduct and cavalry, etc.

Eat and drink: this bike ride takes in numerous places to eat in Hombourg, Moresnet, Welkenraedt, Clermont, and Aubel
  • Summer bike rides - Stroll of the Three Borders
  • Summer bike rides - Stroll of the Three Borders
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Elevation: 306m
  • Distance: 40km
  • Starting point: Place de la Victoire - 4880 Aubel
  • Node points to follow: 52-53-54-55-57-58-4-7-8-11-12-13-14-78- 77-45-46-47-48-51-52