Terrific places to drink outdoors

Liège province has lovely café and restaurant terraces to relax, reaching from Liège to Malmedy. Enjoy the sun light or the shade of trees when our favourite star comes up.

Place du Marché - Liège
LIÈGE - Place du Marché
That’s where the historic city pulses with life, next to Place Saint-Lambert, Liège’s very oldest place. Facing the town hall La Violette, you’ll see the Perron and close by the Fontaine de la Tradition. This location is much appreciated and privileged when the sun shows up! 
Grand Place - Huy
HUY - Grand’ Place
Huy’s city heart is accessed via the Pont des Chaînes. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see one of the last visible arms of the Hoyoux, the ancient city river. In the centre of the Grand Place stands the fountain « Li Bassinia » whose oldest element dates back to 1406.
Place du Roi Albert - Tilff
TILFF - Place du Roi Albert
Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, at the foot of Saint-Léger, the ancient churchyard is a nice spot in the shadow of the river Ourthe. Some brasseries have terraces situated on the river bank. You can reach this area by the RAVeL bike trail or via motorway exit Tilff.
Place du Roi Albert Ier - Malmedy
MALMEDY - Place Albert 1er
It is situated in the heart of the city and in the middle of the Cwarmê Carnival event. Located centrally, the obelisk is listed as an urban cultural heritage.
From there, visitors can easily see the cathedral Saints-Pierre-Paul-et-Quirin.
The harbour master’s office - canal marina - Visé
VISÉ- The harbour master’s office and the canal marina
Half way between Liège and Maastricht, the canal marina is a peaceful haven to have a drink by the water. Situated at the junction of two main waterways, the Meuse and the Albert Canal, this lovely spot is just ideal to slow down. Easy access from the « Promenade d’Aiguillon ».