The Six Fountains in Herve

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"Six Batches" is the Walloon name for these six stone containers. One of the many stories about this location recalls that during a coal crisis, the parish priest Lys hired the unemployed miners to drill the rock extending towards Battice and discovered feed waters there.

The spring that was found was divided into 6 batches:

  • "Lu batch à djvas" was used as a drinking trough for the horses
  • "Lu batch à pourcès" was for washing the pigs after burning the bristles
  • "Lu grand batch" was used by the washerwomen
  • "Lu p'tit batch" was used by the pork butchers for cleaning the guts
  • "Lu reû batch" was earmarked for domestic purposes
  • "Lu batch Lecomte" owes its name to a very old Herve family which drank only this water because is was said to be of the finest quality.

Another legend recalls that during Christmas night, the "Lecomte" batch disgorged wine instead of water and twice already one two of the braver souls people of Herve have died trying to see if this were true. Woe betides anyone who dares to discover if the legend is true or not!

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