Totemus treasure hunt - Belle-île en Meuse

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  • Chasse aux trésors Totemus - Belle-île en Meuse

Go on a treasure hunt and discover Belle-île en Meuse and Hermalle-sous-Argenteau!

To be enjoyed alone, as a couple or with the family!  

During this walk, you will see the islet of Franche Garenne on the Meuse, a little paradise for fauna and flora.

You will also discover the village of Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, curiously enclosed by f the Meuse and the Albert Canal, with vast stretches of water that are both picturesque and of biological value, such as the Brock gravel pit and the Hemlot (an old tributary of the Meuse). 

N.B.: The hunt is only passable with an off-road buggy (much of the route is gravel). 

The Totemus treasure hunt is a combination of sport with different levels of difficulty, highlighting Walloon cultural riches and way of life (fairy tales and legends, art, gastronomy...) but also adventure. 

Totemus application (free) to download ! 


Opening day(s)

From Friday 01 April to Monday 31 October 2022

Every day

06:00 to 22:00

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