Totemus treasure hunt - Between city, countryside and vineyards!

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  • Dison Entre ville campagne et vignobles

Go on a treasure hunt and (re)discover the town of Dison  

To be enjoyed alone, as a couple or with the family ! 

The municipality of Dison has plenty of historical spots, but also peaceful paths.

They are waiting to be discovered alone, as a couple or with the family! Between town, countryside and vineyards, Dison will surprise you. If you are attentive and discover the clues along the way, you can win the totem pole in this treasure hunt! On your mark... Ready? Go... 

The Totemus treasure hunt is a combination of sport with different levels of difficulty, highlighting Walloon cultural riches and way of life (fairy tales and legends, art, gastronomy, etc.), but also adventure. 

Totemus application (free) to download! 


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