Totemus Treasure Hunt - Coo Power Plant

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  • Totemus centrale de Coo bassins supérieurs à Brumes photo 02 © Amblève-Rour
  • Totemus - application
  • Totemus-Family-2 (1) © Totemus - Michaël Radi
Totemus centrale de Coo bassins supérieurs à Brumes photo 02 © Amblève-RourTotemus - applicationTotemus-Family-2 (1) © Totemus - Michaël Radi

Head off on the treasure hunt and (re)discover Coo!

Alone, with your partner or as a family!

Departing from Petit Coo, discover the incredible infrastructure of Coo power plant, located on a former meander of the Amblève in the beautiful heart of the hilly Ardennes countryside.

Totemus treasure hunts combine sport, with different levels of walking, culture, with a focus on Walloon treasures and know-how (stories and legends, art, gastronomy, etc) and adventure.

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All year long 2021

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