Tourte Brocolis Saumon Fumé

  • Tourte-brocolis-saumon-fume
  • Brocolis
  • Saumon-fumé
  • Tourte

For a +/- 26 cm diameter tart :

◾1 ready-to-use shortcrust pastry

◾20 cl runny crème fraîche

◾3 whole eggs + 1 yolk

◾Salt and pepper

◾200 grams smoked salmon

◾400 grams broccoli

Opening day(s)

◾Cook the broccoli in salted water (not for too long, so that the florets don't disintegrate).

◾Press the pastry (including greaseproof paper) into a pie dish.

◾Make a few holes in it using a fork.

◾Cut the salmon into small bits: place them on the pastry base and do the same with the chopped broccoli.

◾On the side, mix crème fraîche and eggs, seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper.

◾Pour this mixture onto salmon and broccoli.

◾Bake for around 30 minutes at 180°-200°C, making sure that the inside is thoroughly cooked and the top is slightly golden (perhaps use a knife to keep an eye on baking).

Maybe serve the tart with a small fresh salad...

Bon appétit!

  • Level of difficulty :
    • Easy
  • Nombre de personnes :
    • Number of people 4
  • Temps de préparation :
    • Preparation time 0:15
    • Cooking time 0:45
  • Classification :
    • 2 portions
  • Category :
    • Dish