Pays de Vesdre

Baelen, Dison, Limbourg, Verviers.
  • Vue panoramique de Verviers
  • Parc de l'harmonie - Verviers
  • Centre-Ville de Verviers
  • Terrasses - Verviers
  • Musée de la laine - Verviers
  • Musée de la laine - Verviers

Explore the abundant industrial past of the Valley of the Vesdre and Verviers:

  • Immerse yourself in the region’s abundant historical and economic past.
  • Explore Verviers, the former capital of wool with its numerous industrial vestiges.
  • Promenade le long de la Vesdre
  • Coins méconnus de la région de Verviers
  • Village de Limbourg
  • Village de Limbourg

Let yourself be amazed by its offers in terms of walks and tours:

  • Stroll along the banks of the Vesdre, which will take you on an exploration of little-known corners.
  • Stroll in Verviers’s countryside, forests and villages such as Limbourg, which is, as you will see, a little medieval city with typical lanes and very old houses.
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Vue extérieure
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Jean-Philippe Darcis
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Musée du chocolat
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Atelier
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Boutique
  • Chocolaterie Darcis - Boutique - Chocolats

Chocolate lovers won’t miss Chocolaterie Darcis:

  • Its chocolate museum will take you back in time with a return to the origins of chocolate.
  • Its workshop will allow you to perfect your technique and make delicious pastries.
  • Its tasting room and shop.